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Reality Girls

Reality Girls

Reality TV has grown tremendously fast, there seems to be a new show starting every week. We have seen some crazy stunts and events happen on these shows, we have also seen some of these girls and women getting a hefty dosage of 15 minutes of fame.

We will be posting videos, pictures, stories, gossip, and more surrounding some of these shows and reality tv stars. We will be constructing a blog format so all upates will be immediatley added to the main page. Keep checking back, here at!

We will not be doing casting directly through the site. Casting might be setup in future. If you have Reality TV idea, please be careful who you submit it to. Be careful submitting tv show ideas. I submitted one to a blind ad on Craigslist about four years ago. Much to my surprise, a little more than a year later, it was in fact on the Bravo network. I received no compensation or acknowledgment, but received an angry phone call from a lawyer with Hearst Entertainment threating me with legal action if I pursued the matter. To quote tv's Sgt. Phil Esterhaus, "Let's be careful out there."

Reality TV Girls

We cover the crazy girls from both VH1 and MTV.

Including Real World, Real Chance of Love, Bad Girls Club, Brooke Knows Best, I Love Money, Rock of Love, Tool Academy. Flavor of Love, Daisy Love, For the Love of Ray J, Real World Road Rules Challenge, I love New York, and hundreds of others.

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